Kindly note that we are no longer associated in any way with Mil-tek A/S or any of its subsidiaries. If you are a customer of Mil-tek GB (also known as MTGB) we can still service, maintain and upgrade your Mil-tek machines you may have purchased or rented from us.

We can supply consumables for Mil-tek machines at extremely competitive prices. All products are in stock and available for free next day delivery. 
We now offer customers a wider range of Waste Recycling Products and Solutions, including:-


Total Recycling and Waste Solutions

At agecko our waste management service is a little bit different to most. We don't believe that a 'one size fits all' approach works. Instead, you'll benefit from a customer-focussed service which is tailored to your exact needs. So, whether it's to transport waste more effectively, to deliver carbon reductions - or to simply recycle more and save money - our bespoke service will change the way you look at your waste management.

Book your free waste evaluation today and see how we can help you.

Freephone number:0800 083 5713

Freephone number:0800 083 5713